CMSA/US Shooters

As members of CMSA:

  • Participants need to have a current CMSA membership to compete
  • Participants need to follow the CMSA minimum period appropriate dress code which includes a cowboy hat or helmet, long-sleeve shirt, jeans, boots, chaps or chinks.
  • A minimum number of CMSA member participants for each level are required for wins to qualify;
      • min 3 participants @ level 1 x 4 wins = upgrade to level 2
      • min 3 participants @ level 2 x 4 wins = upgrade to level 3
      • min 4 participants @ level 3 x 4 wins = upgrade to level 4
      • min 5 participants @ level 4 x 5 wins = upgrade to level 5
      • min 6 participants @ level 5 x 6 wins = upgrade to level 6

In addition to local Canadian CMSA shoots,  our members can join the book of ra online kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung in North Dakota and Minnesota. Many are held within a 4 hour drive from Winnipeg (please make sure you have completed the appropriate paperwork).

To see all the CMSA rules, below is the 2010 CMSA rule book with course patterns:

Requirements for USA Shooters/Transporting Firearms:

Everyone is personally responsible to ensure they are in compliance with all firearms rules and regulations.  Regulations are subject to change.  These tips are just a high level overview that is meant to point you in the right direction.

USA and international competitors that wish to bring their guns to Canadian competitions, have to apply for a non-resident declaration and a short term authorization to transport.  In addition to a valid passport and a letter of invitation from the Manitoba Mounted Shooting club.

Non-resident application (form 909 attachment at the bottom of the page), a non-resident must complete this application prior to arriving at the border crossing.  The non-resident should not sign the application until they are in front of a Customs Officer.  The 909 acts as a firearms license and registration for each gun that is being imported into Canada.

*Please not if you are bringing more than more than two firearms you will need a 910 continuation form from the RCMP.

*Non-resident short term authorization to transport:  This application must be completed and sent to the Provincial Chief Firearms Officer as soon as possible.  Processing times vary so do not delay in submitting this form.  (Even if the CFO issues the FTATT, non-resident entry to Canada rests with the Canadian Border Services).

*Pistol barrel length shorter than 4.25″ are not legal in Canada, and will be seized at the border.

*Do not transport ammunition with firearms (including blanks)

*All firearms must have trigger locks and be in a locked case when not in use.  As well stored out of site during transportation.

*Must be 18 years or older to use firearms in Canada.

Contact information:

For invitation letter: Manitoba Mounted Shooting Association at

Chief of Firearms Office: 1 (800) 731-4000 ext. 8015

Canadian Firearms Program:

Province of Manitoba Chief Firearms Officer :  Unit 1, 1680 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   Fax# 1-204-984-0670

Non Resident ATT

rcmp declaration form