Here is what you need

To participate in cowboy mounted shooting, each competitor requires a horse, saddle, book of ra online spielen ohne anmeldung, a mounted shooting holster rig and two .45 calibre revolvers. For firearm safety you need eye and ear protection.

If you need a horse, most arenas have lesson horses available to rent. Some offer leases or shared horse arrangements. Getting a horse to use really can be easier then most think.

Next you need a holster rig and two  single action .45 calibre revolvers.

For a double pommel holster you may expect to pay =>$110.

For a custom made mounted shooting holster rig you may expect to pay =>$500.

For single action .45 calibre revolvers you may expect to pay =>$600 each.




A quality leather mounted shooting rig and guns will last a lifetime and beyond so think of it as a long term investment. You will get many years of fun in return.

For firearm safety we use eye and ear protection for rider and horse. Safety glasses are as comfortable as wearning sunglasses. They protect the shooters eyes from gun powder flash back and balloon fragments.

Our recommendation for hearing protection are Surefire Sonic Defenders Plus ear protection. They are simply the best hearing protectors on the market and sell for ~$15 at Cabela’s. They are extremely soft and comforatable to wear all day long. They permit normal conversation to be heard and block only damaging high decibel sound of gunfire.

Our horses need hearing protection as well. For horses we recommend Super Soft Ear Plugs for Horses:

For our members we offer Group Purchase Plans. Check with us before you buy anything to receive and benefit from our group purchase discounts.

In any case, do not let this high cost turn you away. Come on out and meet us. Volunteer and see the sport first hand. Hang around. Make a friend. You might just find someone interested in sharing, renting, leasing or bartering their horse and shooting equipment.

Always room for one more friend.